Buy steroids UK .co an introduction to our anabolic steroids source review site for British bodybuilding fans.

Buy Steroids UK.CO is nearly two years old.


We just did our second minor refresh of the site so it’s looking a little rough right now.  We’ll have the new gfx done in the next few days. Beneath is the old text from the site which I’ll be editing in the next few days.

This is our soft opening so please excuse the spelling and obvious grammatical errors created on purpose to annoy grammar freaks and will be corrected before our full site launch. Rest assured that despite what may appear to be a poor command of written English we are British owned and ran and reasonably well educated :-) We are hoping that British bodybuilding fans will find us by searching for “Steroids UK” or “Buy Steroids” and hope to rank well for both terms. Currently we are using Wordpress but will probably switch to a forum format later this year once the Olympics are over and we know that the personal use rules for British bodybuilders trying to buy steroid UK are unchanged. Unlike the majority of uk steroid forums we will have no ties to any UG labs ( foreign or domestic ) that you can buy steroids uk from and will encourage uncensored feedback on actual buy steroids uk sources used by our members. If anyone reading fancies applying in advance for a moderator position on buysteroidsuk dot co then please get in touch. We will of course want to interview any prospects as the last thing we want is kids and other wannabes giving out bad advice or any sources trying to promote themselves on the sly. As you’ve probably noticed my buy steroids uk site looks pretty bad at present we will of course be switching to a much prettier theme and having a nice logo designed for us. This is the first website I’ve set up on my tod despite being involved in online businesses since the late nineties :-) The buy steroids UK dot co team is currently on a steroid cycle is 40mg of Anabol 10 ( Dianabol ) a day split in half at twelve hour intervals and 500mg of Testoviron Depot once a week. A conservative cycle but now that I’m a daddy I’m not going to risk anything too heavy. I’m also taking 6.25mg of Aromasin ( a quarter tab of 25 mg exemestane ) every second day. My oral dosing schedule is not ideal and I of course would prefer to take one and a half of the Anabol ten mg tabs at eight hour intervals but they are pain to cut in half and the more times I have to take something the more likely I am to forget a dose. I bought my current cycle over a year ago whilst on holiday in Bangkok. This is the first steroid cycle I’ve done where I have not seen a massive increase in appetite for years I’ve read of guys claiming that get nausea from orals and I wonder if my food apathy might be due to this ef Updates switched from Testoviron to Thai bought Rotex testosterone and my first jab was a bad one stung on the way in and I’ve had really bad PIP for the past 3 days I’ll risk one more shot and if it hurts this bad again I won’t buy it ever again. On the bright side I measured the contents of two amps as 2.6 mls so they are just as overfilled as Bayer Testoviron. Supplement wise the buy steroids uk dot co team is using fish oil capsules, multi-vitamins and virgin coconut oil ( a tasty source of mcts ) and protein powder. Coconut oil is the only oil that I can add to protein shakes that actually tastes nice. Chocolate whey protein shakes with two table spoons of coconut oil does a great impression of a Bounty bar which was my favourite sweet whilst growing up. Years ago I used to use Udo’s Choice and other brands of flax oil but they always had a very strong taste which didn’t go well with the common protein flavours. Coconut oil also tastes great when stirred into a bowl of porridge. Protein wise I’ve been using Met-Rx MRPS beacuse I got a really good deal on them back in 2011. My supply of them has nearly run out so today I went out and bought a five pound tub of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey in “double rich chocolate” flavour. Which at the time of writing I have yet to open. Sadly I was in a rush so had to pay retail for it so I’m still in shock at how expensive supplements are here. Luckily when we buy steroids UK prices are still quite low. I’m also a fan of grapefruit juice for it’s alleged oral steroid absorption enhancing benefits I normally have a small glass with breakfast and as a chaser for my evening Dianabol tablets. Last night I opened the new whey protein and it doesn’t taste very nice it reminded me of the Designer Protein Chocolate stuff I used years back. The odd chemical taste and smell seems to be common to all instantized wheys I’ve tried. My next purchase will be Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Probiotic Series as I’ve seen them get very good reviews when it comes to taste and when you plan on drinking something up to six times a day the flavour is pretty important. Being middle aged I grew up with bodybuilding mags full of pics of Rich Gaspari so it’s nice to see a retired hardcore juicer doing well in the supplement business.

UK Steroids law change it’s now illegal to import

Bad news for British bodybuilders the UK government has decided to make the personal importation of anabolic steroids UK via the Royal mail and other courier services illegal. From the 23 rd of April 2012 any packages that are checked and found to contain juice will be seized and destroyed by UK customs. Until now it was perfectly legal to import roids for personal use into the UK but the new rules only allow you to do it in person eg you’ll have to bring them back in your luggage when you go on holiday. Of course there are very few countries if any where you can legally export steds so our new law is in fact forcing British citizens who want to buy steroids UK to commit smuggling offences in foreign countries. It also means the majority of gear users in the UK will be left with only fake pharma gear smuggled in via Europe from the former East block and British made underground lab steroids. The UK based UG labs must be celebrating this totally misguided uk steroid law change that will cause far more health problems for users. Even worse it now gives steroid scammers the perfect excuse for failed deliveries. Even legit sources based outside the UK will have to deal with the new possibility of seizures that will prob lead them to increasing their prices to cover the losses involved in reships. Traditionally sources targeting the UK have made much smaller markups than those selling to countries where failed deliveries were a major issue. Update : As soon as I was made aware of the buy steroids UK steroid law change I put in an emergency overseas order shipped via EMS hoping it would arrive before the 23 rd. I’m pleased to report it is now in the UK and I’m praying that the customs guys don’t play games and stall checking it until the new rules come into effect. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to report in the next few days. Update 2 : Well we’re officialy no longer able to import gear for personal use but I’m pleased to report that I’ve had two packs of juice arrive safely this week and neither appeared to have been opened. Of course the fact that they weren’t opened means the new rules have not really been tested but on the bright side it appears that no more packs are being opened / checked than in previous months. Personally I’ll be paying close attention to the UK steroid forums in the next few weeks to see what others are reporting seizure wise.

Buy Steroids UK source reviews by us and our readers

I’m looking for for readers’ suggestions on which steroid sources we should place steroids UK test orders from first. I thought the logical thing to do would be to work our way through the top ten to twenty results on Google as they in theory are the most popular ones in the UK, despite many of them having a few complaints and scam reports online. My plan is to buy steroids uk such as a small amount of tablets and injectable from each of them. Hopefully a budget of fifty quid per source will be enough. The test orders will begin once I have a better idea how strictly customs are enforcing the new UK rules :-)

It’s nearly June 2013 time for some updates.